Electric Portable Folding Scooter 'E-Scooter' - 250W, 8800mAh Lithium Battery, Up To 15 mph, 265 lbs Max Load

The E-Scooter is a highly portable 250W folding electric scooter with speeds upto 15 mph and a 22 mile range that will brings the fun back into your day.

250W E-Scooter

The E-Scooter uses a powerful 250W brushless motor that is highly efficient so very little energy is wasted and more power can be transferred to the driving wheel allowing for a greater performance meaning it can achieve speeds of up to 15 mph. Additionally, because this electric scooter uses a brushless motor it doesn’t suffer from the same wear and tear of a regular motor which improves the lifespan as well.

Fully Adjustable

With fully adjustable handlebars that can be locked at a range of heights and a load capacity of 265 lbs, the E-scooter is suitable for nearly everyone, it’s exceptionally easy to use and can be folded down allowing it easy to be carried, which makes it easier for you to bring with you on your daily commute and then slide it under your desk where it can recharge in a few hours or so. The 8800mAh battery provides enough energy for the scooter to travel around 22 mi on one full charge and the 9.5 Newton meter torque is sufficient to drive the scooter up gentle inclines of up to 15 degrees. With easy to use rear brake and throttle you are in full control so wherever you’re traveling the E-scooter can take you there with ease and avoid all the traffic in the process.

At a Glance...

  • 250W E-Scooter
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Speeds up to 15 mph
  • 22 mi Range
  • 8800mAh Lithium Battery